Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Maybe She's Actually My Child After All

I have all kinds of crappy things going on right now but none of those things matters because tonight Peanut picked out a book by herself and asked me (in her way) to read it. I know she's probably done this before, but tonight was the first time it was so obvious, and so much a choice instead of I'll-play-with-whatever's-handy that it made me completely joyful.

I have this theory about kids that every time they do something that you think makes you as happy as you could ever possibly be, sooner or later they top it.


Carlos said...

The title would clinch it. Was it Bottle Hacks by the O'Reilly Press, or the CSI Pop-Up Book?

Anna said...

Go Peanut Go!!! That's wonderful.

(CSI Pop-Up Book, *snort!*)