Wednesday, October 26, 2005

See, I Can Be Perfectly Polite--To A Point

"What's wrong with my daughter? Well, she has a congenital condition that means that she can't move all her joints and her muscles are fairly weak. That's why she can't walk."

"Yes, we hope she'll be able to walk sometime soon."

"Yes, her mind is okay."

"No, as far as I know, I didn't do anything to cause it. No one really knows the cause."

"Yes, we are very grateful that she's alive."

"Yes, she is probably frustrated at not being able to get up and play with her friends."

"I am sure she will get teased at some time in her life, but really, doesn't everyone get teased about something in school?"

"I know it's nice to not have to chase her out of the garbage cans, but I really wouldn't call that 'lucky' in this case."


Dana said...

Good lord, I sure hope I have not been a part of the stupid ass comments. If I ever have been please excuse it!!! I never see anything but Catie. She is my second best experience of my life (well after Cobain of course). It is hard when you are a friend and you want to say the right things and you want your friend to know that you would do anything for thier child. It is hard for me to not feel like Catie is one of my own. I just hope those blue eyes of hers do not entrap my son into liking girls :) least until he is 50 or so.

Carrie's Mom (and damn proud of it) said...

At the moment (3:26 PM), she is "reading" a Winnie The Pooh book to her kitty and Elmo, having tired of serving "tea" to Gandma and Mrs.Bunny (we're sooooo dull).
She is perfect in every way.
And Dana, Cobain doesn't have a prayer (he's quite the handsome little boy himself!).

Anonymous said...

Your mom is right- your angel is perfect in every way. Her spirit, strength, and beauty is captivating to all of us lucky enough to have gotten to know her. Mia asks about her all the time (and you as well) - we miss you!-- Jennie EP

betsyl said...

occasionally i will be driving somewhere with someone in the car, pull up into a handicapped space and park, and they comment on how lucky i am because i always get close parking. after i look at them sideways for a few seconds they usually start muttering things about the tradeoffs and how they're actually happy to have to park in bohemia. (i have rheumatoid arthritis, and some days are better walking days than others...)

marti said...

Some people's most difficult decision in a day is field the answers when they ask their kids, "Do you want pop or milk with your happy meal." They simply do NOT get it.

The Field Family said...

I'm prepared for the stupid comments. I've only gotten ONE when someone found out we were adopting two girls with Down Syndrome. They went from so excited about it to "Oh, they have Downs. That's too bad." Screw them! Stupid people suck!


DeadBug said...

Glad to have found your blog--thank you for the thoughtful comment which led me here.

Your relationship with your daughter is beautiful, and I appreciate knowing that "worst case," as you put it, can be a less-than-terrifying place.

mommyguilt said...

Screw 'em. You're an awesome mom. Like any mom, you'll come out like a mama bear defending her cub. If people don't "get it", that's their problem. I've learned that one, for sure. Missed you. Glad to see you writing!!