Friday, October 13, 2006

I Guess I Hide Things Well

Tonight, after a time-out for hitting Mama in frustration:

"Mama, you made me cry! Mama, you are naughty! No, I will NOT say I'm sorry!"


Peanut: I'm a little girl. Little girls cry.

Mama: Yes, they do, and so do little boys.

Peanut: Little girls cry and little boys cry and daddies cry.

Mama: That's right, and sometimes mamas cry too.

Peanut: NO! No they don't cry! Mamas DON'T cry!


The results of the CAT scan were as we expected, and her hip is not in position. The anterior portion of her pelvis did not grow properly around the ball of the femur, so it comes out of place. After we get the second opinion, we will decide on surgery, which will likely be just after her third birthday in February if we do it.

For those of you that offered up your homes, etc. if we come to your town, I am blown away by your kindness. If I didn't email you back, please forgive me. The reasons for my lack of updates and follow-up emails will appear in an upcoming post, but please know how much Big Daddy, Peanut, and I appreciate your kindness. Consider the offer returned in kind if you decide Madison might be a fun place to visit.


Beanie Baby said...

I'm sorry, Carrie. I wish the results were better.

Though I'm glad to see you post--I was getting worried.

Mete said...

For lack of a better phrase, that just sucks.

Hoping things go smoothly, whatever road you choose.

Jen said...

Kiss peanut for us, we miss her so much. Abby asked about her just last week.

Abby threw me off this week by crying when I laughed at one of her gigantic farts. She started bawling and between her sobbing heaves, she managed to tell me that "I crushed her love." I think she meant I hurt her feelings, but my god, did that hurt me.