Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love Is

... picking off all the pieces of shredded basil from your toddler's slice of margherita pizza while yours gets cold, because she decided she "didn't like the green stuff."

We are ensconced in our lovely hotel in downtown Philly with free wireless internet. I will get through tomorrow because Saturday, we will be going to this museum, as well as this one. Plus, there's cheesesteaks, and apparently people think they're pretty good to eat.

Well, Big Daddy won't be going to the latter one. Uncle Carlos and I will be. And I'd like to take Peanut, because she thinks that stuff is neat (she is not the slightest bit scared of skeletons), and I think it's a nice reminder to those who are going there to look at the freaks that these were all people once too. We'll see how tired she is after the kid's place.

And a random observation: she's getting much more used to people staring at her. It doesn't make her stop dead in her tracks anymore, though I do miss the dead-eye stare she gave the particularly rude ones.

Oh, I didn't even tell you about the whole debacle with Peanut's medical records. I'm too sleepy now, but it ends well with the hospital having the appropriate records, after a crazy amount of phone calls and pleading and running around that ended up not being necessary. Made getting ready just that much more stressful.

I'm babbling. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll let you know what is said tomorrow.

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Andrea said...

I will be obsessively clicking on "refresh" all day.