Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Story So Far

My mom got married yesterday, so forgive me for not getting back here any sooner. It's been a hectic week. Ok, here's the summary:

Peanut's doctor was pleased with the results. She has long scars from the middle of the tops of her thighs down below her knees, and one curving one on the instep of her foot. She still has a cast on that foot, up to her knee. Her legs are all flabby from her muscles atrophying, especially because she didn't have much there to begin with. She is wearing splints that go up the back of her foot and leg full-time except for physical therapy for the next two months, with one cast change in the middle. She is scheduled for her hip surgery June 13, after which she'll be in a body cast for six weeks. Then we should be done with surgery for a year, when they'll need to go back in and take out the pins they are going to put in her hip. Her knees bend to ninety degrees, but they don't straighten all the way right now. That's what her physical therapy is supposed to remedy. She is in some pain when they bend very much, but I don't think that's surprising, though I am checking with the doctor tomorrow about it since they didn't mention it at all. She's doing a lot better than before.

Cranky for the first few days as she got used to moving again, but happier today by far. She's remembered that she can roll over, and is relearning to sit without the stability and weight of the casted legs (though she still can't catch herself well when she tips, so she still can't be left to sit alone in the middle of the floor or anything). The doctor thinks her prognosis is very good. Her physical therapist hasn't seen her yet, so I don't know what she thinks will be happening when. I don't know how she'll learn to crawl with the splints on, and I don't yet know when he'll let her stop wearing them all the time and instead let her go to just nights. I am not thrilled that she'll be in a body cast in the middle of summer. But there is progress, and for that I am grateful.

We knew she was feeling better when she decided, still in tears, to start honking our noses.


betsyl said...

honk honk!

i'm glad to hear she's doing better.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. Give my regards to your mom!

C in B