Friday, December 16, 2005

Why I Love Where I Live, Part 2

The man angrily snatches the blue and white ticket from underneath his windshield wiper, and peels out into the street. Though his meter has been expired since 9 a.m. and it is nearly six hours later, he drives past Kip Rosenthal and flips him the bird.

Just another day for Rosenthal, the city of Madison's parking enforcement officer. But he interprets the gesture a bit differently than the average person.

"I think he just had the need to exorcise out some negativity, and that's awesome," he says. "Maybe he won't participate in road rage somewhere down the line."


Carrie's Mom (and damn proud of it) said...

The best part is...the Kipper isn't even a very young man - he's 42. I love that he actually used the expression "negative parking behavior". A parking officer/massage therapist! How "Madison" is that?

Jen said...

I'm not sure if I want to smile happily or puke from the sappy man's comment?!?!?! It sounds great to live somewhere so positive, yet there is a part of me that worries about people that turn every negative into a positive.