Sunday, December 11, 2005


  • How come on Little Bear, the toad can't talk but the frog sounds like a professor of diction?
  • Does anyone else hate Baby Bear on Sesame Street as much as I do? I would rather listen to Barney all day than ten minutes of that creature.
  • So a few weeks ago, I ran into the woman who first suggested that I was "lucky" that Peanut wasn't walking yet. We chatted, asking about each other's kids. I told her that no, she isn't walking, but her speech is coming along, and she can even count now, and recognize her numbers. "Oh really? Wow. B-- can't count yet..." (B is 3 months older than Peanut). The feelings I had were wrong, just wrong, I know.
  • Did I mention that Peanut not only can count ("On, Ooo, Tee), but she can point to the number and say it? She confuses 7 for 2 and 9 for 6 sometimes, but still. And you should see her try and figure out how to hold up three fingers when she counts to three.
  • Don't worry, I haven't gotten a Harvard application yet. She still doesn't realize that she can control where she goes on her scooter, so when she wants to get something across the room (and she can't get there by going backwards--she's big on going backwards) she asks to go "up!" instead or wants me to get it for her.
  • I can't find my digital camera, so that's why there are no pictures of her on the scooter posted. The question you should be asking isn't, "How can she misplace an expensive piece of electronics like that?", it is "How did she manage to keep track of something smaller than her head for more than an hour in her house, considering the condition it is in?"
  • So we went to Houston last weekend for Big Daddy's big birthday (he's just old, we don't need to use actual numbers anymore). We saw Jennifer and family (Big Daddy was best man in their wedding), which was wonderful. Man, those kids are cute, aren't they?
  • On the way home from Houston, we flew from Minneapolis to Madison with Al Franken. He flew coach, carried his own luggage, was gracious signing autographs, and was sweet to Peanut. I was a fan before, but even more so now.
  • It's really freaking cold here. Well, really cold, anyway. But Big Daddy finally cleaned out the garage, so I can park my car in it. Woohoo!
  • Did you realize that my post on the bad sci-fi book got more comments than anything else I've ever posted?
  • The state's sex offender website now has addresses (it used to be just a listing by zip code). I knew that across the street and down the block there was some kind of halfway-house/transitional housing, but that didn't really bother me, as they are all over Madison, helping substance abusers, the disabled, etc. Of course, now I see that they are housing a man convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child. One that the state tried to obtain a sex-offender commitment on after his sentence was complete, as a "sexually violent person", which isn't all that common to do (the petition was denied). We won't be walking over there anymore.
  • I now have three kittens and a possibly pregnant mama cat in my spare room right now. This is in addition to the three cats and dog already roaming the house. I don't think this officially makes me a crazy cat lady, but it certainly makes me eligible. Anyone looking for a kitten?
  • Why is it that I can write wonderful posts (trust me) in my head all day long, but as soon as I sit in front of the computer, they fly right out of my head?


Diana said...

I hate Baby Bear, too! Just wanted to share that!

Diana said...

oh yeah- and the same thing always happens to me when I sit to blog...(just happened right now and I was just commenting-)
duh!!!!!!! (It's what I get for calling my sister blond all the time!)

cubbiegirl said...

Hey there, over here from Karen's..Thanks for the mention!! I always compose great blog entries when I'm falling asleep and then wake up and they are gone.