Monday, June 19, 2006

My Kid Is So Cool

She really loves Beatrix Potter books, and gasps each and every time Mr. Jeremy Fisher gets swallowed up by the trout.

She puts a diaper on her head, and instead of it being a hat, she becomes a house, with the diaper as the roof, her nose as the door, and her eyes as windows. Who lives in the house? Why, boogula whales, of course.

Speaking of those, tonight she pulled open my shirt, looked down at my cleavage, and announced, "There's boogula whales!". Indeed.

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Ana-Lidia said...

Kids are so "funny" aren't they? It is incredible what comes out of their mouths. Makes me wonder how many of these moments we provided our own parents. Good thing they didn't have blogs back then or we would never had heard the end of it.

I wish you all the best with your precious girl. She is an angel. In your posts I can tell how much you love and adore her. You are really taking the time to enjoy mothering her!