Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Geek Girl

Last night when we were driving home, we drove by a practice field where the Santa Clara Vanguards were practicing for the Drum Corps International World Championship, held here in Madison. Being a former band geek, if only briefly, (damn braces), I pulled over to let Peanut listen a little bit.

She was enraptured, saying "Music! They're playing music!" After a minute or two listing to the tubas, I hear from the backseat, very quietly, "Play Twinkle Little Star? Please play Twinkle Little Star?"

After sadly informing her that I didn't think they took requests, I told her that back in the day, Mama played trumpet in a band too. She turned and looked at me with a face similar to what I would imagine seeing if I had just informed her that she was getting a new baby brother, and his name was Elmo. Her jaw literally dropped open. Before I could bask too long in the admiration, the music started again, and she sat in her seat, pretending to toss the flags in the air like the girls on the field, until they took a break and we drove home.

Imagine how excited she'll be when I tell her that Mama also used to spend Saturday nights playing role-playing games.


KLee said...

I got to you via Beanie Baby, but I want to give a shout out from another gamer! (Hey, we geeks gotta stick together!) What were your particular poisons? I was mainly into D&D, but the husband did that, and Car Wars, Villians and Vigilantes, GangBusters, and Paranoia. Among MANY others! Geeks activate! :)

Carrie said...

This could be a post in itself. I played with a DM who was a comic book artist and severely dyslexic. The game was primarily based on the original Cyberpunk, but he incorporated D&D and all sorts of other games, and he memorized everything because it was too hard for him to refer back to the books. He drew elaborate maps of starships and castles, and made up rules as he went along. We had cyber asassains fighting alongside knights templar. It was the first time I'd ever played (none of my friends had been interested in reading the rule books), and I think it spoiled me from ever playing with anyone else.

Carlos said...

You are going to get so many hits now.

KLee said...

Carrie -- I gamed with a group of people which included two brothers. The elder of the two was always the very meticulous one, with all the possible scenarios mapped out, and complete with elaborate gameplay. His younger brother was the king of off-the-cuff extemporization, and would often just go --"Um. Let's wing it!" We got such a diverse game model that way. They were just anal as hell. But, I think I got spoiled with them as well.

Ah. Those were the days. Gaming until five in the morning. With a table littered with Coke cans and chip bags. Man. Where did my dice go?

Dana said...

That's funny, role playing games... hahaha you were a geek :)

Thank god you have since come to your senses :)

Krissy said...

That is too cute how she was requesting Twinkle Twinkle!