Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why I Truly Got No Sleep This Week

Monday night: Headache + fight with Big Daddy.
Tuesday night: Full-on migraine + Big Daddy leaving until Friday.
Wednesday night: Storms + lightening-hit tornado siren 1/2 block away + Peanut bad dreams.
Thursday night: Blueberry vomit between 11pm and 3am in Peanut's bed, Mama's bed, bathroom, and all but two towels in the house.
Friday night: Muscle spasms in neck and shoulder from, and I'm guessing here, stress + more Peanut bad dreams
Saturday night: 12:45 am call that 92 year-old grandfather has vomiting and diarrhea at his assisted-living home. Would I like to come and get him or meet the transfer ambulance at the hospital? Easy answer to that one. No clear diagnosis when I give up at 5am and leave phone number with nurse, as grandfather is sleeping and I am not. They do not, of course, call to let me know he is admitted for what is apparently stomach virus with dehydration, so I end up waking up with a start and having to chase down someone to tell me what is going on (he's ok, it's just hard to get a virus when you are a frail nonagenarian).

Plus, the internet connection went screwy again as soon as Big Daddy went out of town.

I need a week at a spa. No, seriously, I really do.


Meredith said...

You need a lot more than a week in a spa! Ugh, I am so sorry to read all you went through - I hope this week is a lot better for you. Treat yourself to a massage or a nap!

Kristen said...

I'm so sorry your week was so crappy!

The Imperfect Christian said...

A week?!?! Girl, you need a whole month! Hope it gets better!

Jen said...

Spa? Did someone say spa? Where can we meet?

I am currently one tiny click away from a full explosion. We had vomit this week, too. It wasn't blueberry, but it was eggs and cottage cheese. Ughhhh. And our computer died this week. A full-on death. I am currently using a computer that was pieced together from 4-6 other computers. I call her Frankie (short for Frankenstein).

Sory to hear about grandpa and Peanut both getting sick. Maybe next week will be better.