Friday, August 27, 2004

Second Attempt

Ok, apparently the Enter key problem lies with the fact that I have AOL. Yes, I have AOL. It was the easiest way to get online waaay back when I started going online, and frankly I don't want to bother changing my email address. So there. The Blogspot help page says it is resolved, but it isn't.

We went to the Willie Nelson/Bob Dylan concert tonight in the minor-league ballpark. We took Peanut with us, which wasn't nearly as much fun for her as we'd hoped (hence the title of this blog). It was an event designed for families, where you brought a blanket to sit on the grass, and she did like the crowds. There was a young woman in a long striped skirt near us who was dancing and it was apparently riveting. The music was too loud for her, though. She put up with Willie but when Dylan came on it was just too much and she started to cry. As I pretty much went to hear Willie anyway, that was fine. We'd finished our beer, so we got our t-shirts and left. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough money for the "Willie for President" poster too. Oh well.

That's enough, I'm tired and going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to comment that Peanut has excellent taste.