Monday, March 28, 2005

Another Boring Post

I know I've been boring lately. Trust me, after last week nobody wishes my life would become pleasant and amusing more than me. You don't even know about Peanut's allergic reaction to baby lotion over the weekend. It's just hard to think of anything to talk about, or think at all, when you are as tired as I am. Peanut's casts come off this Thursday. It is my understanding that she'll still have a short cast on her right foot for a while after this, but at least my child won't be clunking and thunking around as much. And then we can all hope she'll go back to sleeping through the night--or even waking up just once! Heaven!-- and be generally less clingy and I might just be able to walk out of the room to do laundry when she is awake rather than using up precious time when she is asleep that I could be using for my own sleep purposes.

Because if she doesn't, this mothering thing will offically suck ass.

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Dana said...

Hang in there lady!