Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Proud Mama

We got this CD in the mail today, after I was intrigued by the duet involving Deborah Harry singing Waltzing Matilda. I put the CD in, and when the music started on Old Joe Clark, suddenly Peanut just lit up. For what seems like the first time in weeks, she started to smile and giggle, and then she started clapping her hands and wiggling in a kind of "dance". This is the first time that she has really seemed to take notice of any music we played for her, other than to calm down to classical music. She started clapping in some kind of pattern, clapping three times and then putting her hands down to her sides for the fourth beat. It was amazing. It is so incredible to watch her when it is as if you see the light bulb turn on in her head and she gets it.

I just had to share. Next time I brag it will be about her abstract thought and problem-solving skills, which are far advanced for her age--hell, she's entitled to be ahead in something, isn't she?


Jen said...

Dan Zanes rocks, and it is soooo amazing to watch a child's reaction to music. Now you just need to teach her the "Cool Head Nod" - you know - the one you do when you are trying to show how you are grooving to the music.

Julia said...

I know how you feel. Milestones reached with the challenges we face are so much sweeter.

I have two children with special needs and I always think I appreciate milestones reached unlike other parents because of the struggles the kids have had to go through to reach them.

I came here from a comment on another blog and I so appreciate your blog, you have no idea. I started a blog to keep family updated and have been searching for some others to read written from mothers of kids with challenges. So thank you.