Saturday, January 08, 2005

There's Always A Silver Lining, Right?

The Setting:

Hospital emergency room, waiting for nurse to take grandfather up to a room for observation after he takes a non-alcohol-fueled fall.

The Players:

R., a woman formerly in my Mother/Baby group, a radiology tech, with a lovely and precocious daughter two months older than Peanut.

Me, mother of child with serious developmental delays due to birth defects that will need extensive surgery


Me: (Noticing R. behind the desk in scrubs, smiles) Hi, how are you? I didn't know you worked here.

R: Yes, I just started nights six months ago. How are you?

Me: I've had better nights, but my grandpa is ok, just cracked a rib. How is B. (her baby girl)?

R: Oh, she's great, she just turned one last month. How's Peanut (she used Peanut's real name, which is Cashew)? Is she sitting yet? Has she had her surgery?

Me: She's doing well. She's gotten really big, and she's having her surgery next month. She can't sit on her own yet, but she can sit in my lap ok. She won't be sitting by herself until after her surgery stuff is over, later this summer.

R: (With a big smile) Oh, you should be happy. B. was walking at ten and a half months, and she's always getting into everything.

Me: (Incredulous silence)

Uncredited nurse walkes in

Nurse: R., you have a phone call from the doctor

R: Well, I guess I'd better get back to work! Take care!

Me: (Waves feebly, hoping that head will not completely explode) Um, bye.


Jen said...

I am truly sorry that she had absolutely no idea what she was saying. I will use a friend's favorite word to describe your nurse friend: "She must have verbal diarrhea." She just can't seem to control what comes out of her mouth.

Stacey said...

Good Grief! I'm sorry C... what a stupid thing to say.