Wednesday, January 04, 2006

He Doesn't Remember This, But He'll Take My Word For It

Ten years ago today, I was walking back from The Lemongrass Grill in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with my friend Carlos. A skinny guy wearing a green thrift-store overcoat was walking toward us and Carlos said, "I think that's the guy who is staying downstairs with Chris and Nickie" (a couple who were his downstairs neighbors). He nodded at him, and the guy said something like, "How're y'all doin'?" and continued on.

And now we have a kid, a house, and a dog.

Happy Anniversary of the Day We First Met, Big Daddy. I love you.


Carrie's Mom (and damn proud of it) said...

I only wish that scenario had taken place years earlier! Couldn't love the boy more if he were my own son.

Carlos said...

And here you thought that Lemongrass Grill would be too spicy for you. (Well, true, it was.)