Monday, January 02, 2006

It's My Birthday And I'll Cry If I Want To

This morning, I woke up feeling well-rested, and was surprised to see that it was still dark out. So when I looked at the clock, and it was almost 8, my first thought was, "My birthday is always going to be remembered as the day the sun didn't come up".

Luckily, it was only that it was cloudy and rainy outside, but it kind of set the tone for the day. I now know that unless it is to confirm a wanted pregnancy*, there really is no good reason for one to be at the gynecologist's office on one's birthday. There are, however, many bad reasons**. At least they took pity on me and didn't make me stand on the scale.

I had a lovely holiday week, how about you? On Christmas Eve we went to my mother's for dinner, and were joined there by Anna, her husband, and TLM. I will post pictures tomorrow (I'm on Big Daddy's laptop and don't have them available), because Peanut and TLM are two mighty cute kids. On Christmas Day we had my father, brother, and grandfather over for my Grandpa's birthday dinner (yes, his birthday is the 25th, and my dad's is January 1, with Big Daddy's in early December. Apparently my family gets frisky around March). Grandpa turned 92, and very much enjoyed his chocolate cake.

On New Year's Eve, we joined Anna's family at the home of one of our mutual friends (I know her from Peanut's playgroup, as her daughter is a week younger than Peanut). We had dinner and wrangled children, then we put the kids to bed and had adult talk with wine and yummy chocolate cake that Anna made. We also had jelly doughnuts, or sufganiot, because J.'s family was also celebrating Hanukkah. Coming from a town with fewer Jewish families than I could count on three fingers, I had no idea that jelly doughnuts were actually a traditional Hanukkah food, but was more than happy to learn. It was a really nice way to spend an evening, one which we don't get to do very often anymore. After we got home, the neighbors set off fireworks to celebrate the new year. They did this for Christmas too, by the way.

And even today ended up okay, because my mom made dinner and my stepbrother and stepsister both joined us and Peanut flirted with my stepbrother and wanted to be held by my stepsister and didn't cry once. I also decided that, in honor of Annika, I would go to the Red Cross and give blood. It has been shamefully long since I've done it (the last time was not a pleasant experience), and I have resolved not to let it be so long again. Big Daddy will be leaving town tomorrow so I couldn't do it today (part of the bad part of the last time was the utter exhaustion that hit the next day), but I will by the end of the week. Reading Annika's story will bring you to tears, but her family is so strong and loving that you can't help but be inspired. I am quite sure that Moreena would prefer not to be a role model of this kind, but she has become mine.

Speaking of strength, if you have a minute, go over and give Rae an internet hug. Rae was I think the first internet stranger to find and comment on my blog, and she has recently gotten some terrible health news. But don't anyone tell her how lucky she is to have her daughter. I know people say this trying to comfort, but when you are grieving the loss of any future children, it doesn't feel comforting. I can tell you that for some reason, having numerous total strangers post something telling you to hang in there, we're rooting for you, quite often does help when something bad is happening, though it seems silly.

And one more prayer, and then I'll stop, this one for my friend Kim who just got bad news regarding child-custody. Girl, I'm so sorry.

So this aging thing means you are supposed to learn perspective, right? Who knew this internet thingy would be so helpful for that?

*No, I am not now nor was I pregnant, nor was I expecting to be.

**No, I'm not telling you. This isn't Dooce.***

***"Damn right, it isn't!" is not an appropriate response.


Carlos said...

Oh, darn. When I couldn't get you on the phone, I was hoping you were having a much better birthday than it sounds.

[internet hug in lieu of real one]

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, old lady!! You should turn this entire week into your "birthday week." I have a friend that does that, and she is one of the happiest people I know.

Abby's Momma said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!

We miss ya! =o)

CLMama said...

As always you are cracking me up with your wit and humor; Happy Birthday to you! Hoping that whatever brought you to your Gyn isn't, er, *that*