Friday, September 29, 2006

To The American Taxpayers

We recently had an insurance change and Peanut's last surgery was not in-network*, so the plan did not cover $2100 of her care (so far--I believe there are more charges coming). But because she is covered by Medical Assistance, through the Katie Beckett waiver**, the state will pick up that difference and anything else insurance refuses to pay. Which is good, because we don't have $2100 now, and will not have it anytime soon.

So thanks for paying your taxes. We really appreciate the help.

*It should have been, because they had no doctor who could have performed the surgery in-network. I'll be looking into this.

*The program is federally funded, and all states are eligible to participate (Ohio is the only one that refused, I believe), though they can set their own inclusion requirements. I don't know why Ohio turned down cash to help disabled children, though I have some theories.


Belle said...

Hi. I'm just here via the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas random link. I am so glad assistance will help your family out...the state of corporate insurance really sucks for a lot of people. I think if you pay them, you ought to have whatever treatment you need covered.

And hey, you paid taxes, too.

Julia said...

KB is great. I have two kids with the same disease/disorder and only one is covered under some new criteria. I'm glad P'nut's was covered. It's our greatest fear not having the KB as a back up to our HMO.