Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I Don't Suck

She won't sleep. She won't nap, she won't go to bed. When she finally succumbs, she is restless, tossing and turning and crying out. I know babies do this when they are reaching a new developmental stage, and she is starting to sit, finding new vocalizations, and working on a tooth. You'd think all of that would make her more tired, but apparently that's just me.

Oh, and according to my writing teacher, I don't suck. I am too tired to demonstrate this in a post, however.


Anna said...

I'd think it WOULD make them more tired, but noooooo. She's about 7 months now, right? GK had terrible nights then, although that was also surgery-related. No fun, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the non-sleeping baby. The one that conjures energy out of thin air. The one who raises his/her "loathsome reptilian head" after you've breathed very shallowly for ten minutes, thinking he/she had finally gone to sleep.

My 2.5 year old is just entertaining his yawning Daddy. It's nine pm and it's way past his bedtime. He ought to be tired. We certainly are. His brother is sleeping soundly. He says "where's Mommy?" and "I want downstairs".

Catie will sleep again. I'm sure of it. (My own one, now, I'm not so sure.)

Glad I found your blog, BTW. And thank you for the lovely email. It's been very much appreciated.

Claudia from Bucharest

CLMama said...

Oh friend, so no fun. Those moments happen still, at 9 months, and they are yucky. But they pass, thank goodness. Hugs to you and sweet Catie. I need to e-mail you. I have a diaper bag you might like, a gift from moi to vous.

Rachel said...

Hi Carrie...
I appreciate your blog (even though I'm not a mom...yet). And just wanted to wish you good luck in your writing. I am an avid (some say voracious) reader, and in my humble opinion, I think you have a good start. Cheers.