Thursday, September 16, 2004

My Daily Self-Righteous Rant

I was on tonight, looking for playgroups. I ran across the Attachment Parenting playgroup in my area. Their introduction reads: Meet other parents who don't take the easy way out of parenting. Whether supporters of Breastfeeding, Child Led Weaning, Cloth diapering, Homeschooling or Co-sleeping all are welcome here.

All, apparently, except parents who don't do those things because they are taking the easy way out of parenting.

Look, I cloth diaper, eat organic, co-sleep, and exclusively breastfeed. All of these things were the choices I made because they feel right for me and they work with my lifestyle. Frankly, for me they are the easy way to parent. But it pisses me off that this group of people seem to think that those that didn't make those choices are copping out, compromising their children for convenience's sake. Who the hell do they think they are to make that kind of judgement? Besides, cloth diapering, for example, has nothing to do with attachment parenting, and I think it is a stretch to say homeschooling does either. This is exactly the kind of judgemental bullshit I moved here to get away from.

I won't be joining.


CLMama said...

Yes, I DID take the easy way out of parenting by not doing most of those things. I do, however, make my kid laugh by dancing around Target with my keys in my mouth to provide him with adequate entertainment while we shop, and I make sure to kiss him at least 10 times every hour and say "I love you" just as much. And NO, I don't let him play in the toilet, and my way of telling him as much is a gentle "no, sweetie, we potty in the toilet; we don't play there" while I move him to a safer spot. Looks like I wouldn't fit there either --

(Good for you, friend, for recognizing their sad limitations. The sad thing is, I bet they don't even realize how ostracizing their description is -- maybe you should contact them to let them know. Gr).

Carrie said...

CL, I wouldn't join a group that wouldn't have you as a member. I thought about going there, and telling them what I thought, but I decided I didn't need to waste my time. Plenty of other people I can hang around that wouldn't need to be told in the first place.