Saturday, September 11, 2004

Some People's Children

My friend Nikki wanted me to blog about a conversation she had with a co-worker recently, so I will.

The discussion was about a college town in the South, a little hip and funky. Though by all outward appearances this co-worker, whom I shall call Freak because she is one and I can't think of anything witty, seems a little hip and funky herself, she isn't. Freak doesn't like this town because of the kinds of people in it. As an example, she mentioned seeing a young man begging in front of a natural foods store. Apparently he told people he was begging for money to buy soy milk. Nikki and I both think this alone is hilarious, but Freak does not. "If he wants to live that kind of lifestyle, he should go out and just get a job!" We also agree that the proper response Nikki should have made was probably, "you mean the lactose-intolerant lifestyle?" but instead she asked if she would prefer the young man be asking for money for alcohol. "Well at least he would be honest then" was her answer. So while Freak was apparently unsure of the man's motives (is he a secret alcoholic or a unemployed vegan?), it was the final nail in the coffin of Nikki's desire to have coffee with her anymore.

Trust me, this is far preferable to all the sad things I otherwise had to blog about. Not sad things I am personally experiencing, but to people I care about and the world in general. And Nikki, I thought about using a fake name for you too, but you wouldn't have liked any of my choices, I'm pretty sure. Thanks for the topic suggestion.

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