Thursday, July 21, 2005

I Still Can't Sleep

Ok, I have this question. The family and I have to travel to New York City in September for a wedding. This will be the first family vacation we have taken that didn't mean staying at a relative's house nor involve Big Daddy working in years. He and I had one night at a B&B for Mother's Day, but other than that, nada, because he used up all his vacation time on the birth and Peanut's surgeries. So, with that in mind, we have a choice to make:

*We can stay with "Uncle" Carlos, who has graciously offered us his little extra room in his new apartment in Park Slope. This would leave us with money to spare, as well as good company. It would not, however, lead to a whole lot of comfortable sleep and amenities, lovely as the new place is (although it is steps away from Prospect Park, which might be nice for walking with Peanut).

*We can blow the budget and stay in a swanky hotel, complete with 300 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, soundproof windows, and Molton Brown bath products. While it would not be quite as expensive as it sounds, it would likely not leave me any extra money for fabulous new shoes. It would be convenient for other sight-seeing/reminiscing, and be, well, more like a vacation, even with the crib in the room (we are talking suite here, so we won't necessarily have to go to bed when Peanut does)

I am leaning towards the Uncle Carlos option, not the least of which is because of the company, but mostly because what good is it for me to stay at some fancy hotel in Manhattan near Saks when I can't buy anything there? On the other hand, we are talking about a queen-sized bed with soft sheets and room service and possibly celebrities throwing cell phones in the lobby. And if I shop very, very carefully I am sure I can find something good to wear. It doesn't actually have to be currently in fashion because after all, I am from the Midwest and no one will expect me to look chic so anything even moderately cool will work. No, I am not asking Big Daddy's opinion, because he will end up going with whatever I want because I will wear him down if he disagrees and he knows it.

Did I mention the bride used to be a fitness model, and now has a doctorate in neuropsychology? You'd better believe I am dieting so hard that afterwards my metabolism will grind to a screeching halt to keep me alive, but I don't care as long as I don't look so very well-fed on that weekend.


Anonymous said...

We have to go to Boston for a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I have a similar dilemma. How long are you staying? Could you maybe spend a couple of nights in the hotel to get that "vacationy" feel and the nice big bed & soft sheets, and the rest with your uncle? Best of both worlds!


Anonymous said...

whichever you do, chica, YOU WILL BE MEETING ME!!!!! Yayayay! I can't wait to meetcha.

karen, no

ani (Abby's mommie) said...

My parents live in Queens - so we stay with them when we visit NYC - although at times I wish we would just get a cheap hotel somewhere so we wouldn't be so cramped in their FULL HOUSE (7 ppl live in the house now!) We were only about 15 mins by train to all the sight seeing - Park Slope won't be too bad!

Jen said...

I would go with a few nights of both. That way you are getting a few evenings of luxury and a little spending money. But wait - hasn't Big Daddy racked up some hotel points that you can use towards some free nights? He should have by now!!!!

Carlos said...

No no no. Y'all get the main room for the duration. It's bright, airy, quiet, and it has the air conditioner too. And the sheets are high thread-count, but I haven't gotten the new bed yet.

Or, if you really want to enjoy the lap of luxury instead of sharing my book-lined monastic existence, my schedule is very flexible, and I make an excellent guide at NYC's art museums.

[ There is an off-chance that I will be travelling on, um, Harvard business the week you are here. If so, I will simply let you have leave of the apartment while I am gone. But I will miss you. ]

Mommy said...

I'd go for the pretty hotel. What the only live once!!


Carrie's Mom (and damn proud of it) said...

Grumpy G'ma says: Anyone who doesn't know Carlos shouldn't be helping you make this decision. (:-(
He's an "uncle" by choice,not blood and soooo deserves all the time he wants with Peanut.
And what would be better than a book-lined room? And a kitchen not tied to a room-service schedule? And..Carlos!

Carlos said...

I'm blushing.

Mouthy Mom said...

I like Uncle Carlos already! Life is short, but that applies to spending it with family MUCH more than it does to spending time with FAMILY!

Mouthy Mom

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