Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh Yeah, Something Else Happened Today, A Few Years Back

So with all the stupid people I almost forgot to mention that today I have been married to Big Daddy for eight years. EIGHT YEARS, PEOPLE. That's more time than he spent getting his bachelor's degree. He is spending this day in Boston fixing some doctor's expensive piece of medical equipment. He said he finally told one tech that today was his anniversary, and she felt sorry for him, but not sorry enough to say, "Go home to your wife! This silly hunk of silicon doesn't matter when it's your anniversary!" Considering he was once fired from a job on our anniversary, I suppose I shouldn't be too upset.

I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about the day until I discovered that today is also Dubya's birthday, meaning now I will always think of The Evil on my anniversary. Big Daddy then pointed out that our glorious marriage has redeemed an otherwise dark day in history, so I felt better, and now you know why I married him.


Mouthy Mom said...

Ah, what a man! It's a good feeling knowing you married "one of the good ones" isn't it??

Mouthy Mom

Carlos said...

And I still obsess over the smoked trout at your reception. Mmmm.

Jen said...

Congratulation on number EIGHT!! I already put my foot down that Vince has to be home for our anniversary this year - it is our TEN year, plus our baby is due just 2 days earlier!!!