Wednesday, August 31, 2005


... but really fucking tired. And since my boss reads this blog (hi Dana), I won't be able to post from work, even when finally get a computer in the office. Because of course I will always be working.

I miss Peanut so much when I'm there that it hurts.

She has chosen the last week as the appropriate time to

1) Start talking.

2) Stop sleeping.

She ask for Mama now, and she says quack and knock-knock and Ow for meow. She pants when you ask her what a dog says, and she sticks out her tongue and hums when you ask her what a cow says. This makes sense once you realize that her major exposure to cows has been from this book, which my mother makes lick her. She uses sign language for cracker and cheese and milk and all-done and want and eat and sometimes please and more and banana and applesauce, as well as for some other things I can't figure out yet. She can make the signs for a lot more stuff, but hasn't felt the need to do so after the one day she showed me she could. I guess that makes sense. While this is nowhere near what most kids her age can do, when you consider she said nothing but an occasional mamama and had only three signs in mid-June, I'm feeling pretty pleased.


Morgan said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY! Glad to hear she's talking; just as glad to hear she's signing.

And not at all surprised she's only doing it when she wants to! I wish you only the best of luck when your stubborn one is a teenager.

betsyl said...

yay talking! yay signing! sounds like she knows more signs than i do, come to think...

Julia said...

Yay! That is a leap in talking...big time.

But you know, it doesn't matter where she is "supposed" to be with her age. She is now on HER OWN schedule...and making progress and that is huge! And exciting!