Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sooo Tired

I have wanted to write about how great things have been with Peanut since her cast came off, but things have not been great. I am here now because I am escaping her crying, which has continued on-and-off (though mostly on) for the last two hours because I won't pick her up and carry her around all night long. This has been an issue, both day and night, for the last week. First, we thought it was pain in her leg, because as soon as you brushed her foot she would cry inconsolably for a good half an hour. Yet just before that happened, we could be touching and playing with and moving that foot, so while it could be some nerve pain, I don't believe it is cry-for-30-minutes nerve pain. Then, we realized that she had a little fever, and a molar coming in, and also seemed to cry when she wet her diaper. So we took her to the pediatrician, who said she maybe had a UTI but couldn't tell without more invasive testing, and maybe it was teething pain, so just keep giving her pain meds and watch to see if she cried when she wet. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. Most often, she cries when she wants something she can't have, but then she cries and cries and cries, as much or more as when she was a newborn. So stress, teething, some leg pain, all of these are probably contributing. None of this helps when my muscles are seizing up from holding her and she is refusing to go to sleep.

Oh, and it looks like I'm going back to work full-time in a couple of weeks. Perfect timing.


Jen said...

Going back to work? I had no idea you were considering re-joining the workforce. So did a really great job come along, or were you actively searching for something? I am sure it will be difficult for you and Peanut to re-adjust to the changes, but it will probably be good for your mental health to get a break from the constant childcare. I wish you the best in the next few weeks.

Pronoia said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry about the crying and the not knowing what's going on. I always think that's the hardest part. I'll be thinking of you.

Mete said...

My son's surgery was much more involved than your daughter's, but those first few weeks were hell. I thought having the cast off would be a relief, but it seemed like he had come to expect the casted position. He had muscle spasms and with his inability to distinguish between "I'm overtired" or "My left leg hurts", we felt helpless.

I guess all I can say is, I feel your pain and hope your little girl is back to herself soon. Hopefully you'll have an understanding boss.

elswhere said...

So sorry things are so hard with Peanut right now. Maybe she's going through a growth spurt, combined with any transition-from-cast stuff going on?

p.s. I finally did the book meme ;-)

Anonymous said...

just a thought or worthless comment... You decide! Whenever Zoe is getting over an illness or hospitalization, I find she is more physically attached. I literally have to break her of that wanting to be held all the time baby habbit. She is 46 lbs. now and it is painful!! Anyway, the first few weeks are hell, but it does eventually go away. I think all of the holding and soothing and her observation of feeling better when I physically tend to her, makes her more attached. Of course, once she is healthy- it is tough. But she will do the same, call for me all night and want to be held by day. Hang in there- suzanne www.specialneedsmom.com