Thursday, August 18, 2005

This Is Why I Live Here

Tornados hit around my city this afternoon. The destruction was pretty bad--whole subdivisions lost, a swath of damage miles long, one man killed in his basement by his falling chimney. But it could have been worse:

The roof was torn off the Stoughton Country Club, said the club's executive chef, Lenny Peaslee. As the storm approached, golfers started coming off the course, and about 40 people huddled in the club's basement and waited, he said.

"We were ... hiding behind the bar," Peaslee said. "We had beer, anyway."


TJ said...

Did you have any damage? Found you via technorati to find out how the storm affected local bloggers. About 60 miles east of you I spent the night watching the storm progress from the local news station.

betsyl said...

i love the midwest.

Mel said...

"We were... hiding behind the bar," Peaslee said. "We had beer, anyway."

I saw that quote too. Makes us cheddarheads look like... well, cheddarheads I guess. LOL.

Put that with the fact you have in today's blog about UW-Madison being the number one party school, (I'm sure they put that awesome statistic on all their recruitment literature!) and it really makes it look like a great place to live, eh?