Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Better now

We are loaded up on antibiotics, and the packing is nearly done. T. and I are off to Toronto for his company's holiday party, and Peanut is going to stay with her grandma (who is also loaded up on antibiotics) until we get back. Did you know the way they diagnose sinus infections in babies is just by length of time of congestion? Me neither. I am not thrilled about leaving her when she is sick, but if I stay here I will go well and truly insane. This last week has not been especially fun.

A good description of what is going on in my home right now is at therapyeggs, my friend Jen's site, because she is going to the same party. My poor husband once told me he found me attractive because I did my hair and wore makeup and knew how to put it on properly. I don't think I've done that more than about three times since before the baby was born. I feel like I'm going to prom or something.

I will be back later this weekend, hopefully with some good stories. It is a company holiday party, after all. Somebody is bound to make an ass of themselves publicly, and I'm just going to pray it isn't anyone I care about.

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J. said...

Ahh hell, you oughtta read what happened at MY company's Christmas party ... HERE ... can't possibly top that.

Have fun!