Monday, December 06, 2004

They Don't Look Anything Alike, Do They?

The bloodwork came back from the doctor's today. Everything was within normal limits, although my iron level was at the low end of normal. While I am delighted not to have diabetes or a malfunctioning thyroid, I am less than thrilled to be back to square one. There is something wrong, and it is getting worse. I feel like I am trudging through molasses all day, and that my head is full of cotton. I didn't feel like this a few months ago. The doctor will be calling back soon to discuss what is next. I am so sick of doctor's offices, I am changing my mind about med school and I think I'll go to law school instead.


Anna said...

ugh. I know what you mean on the Square One thing. I hate that too. Really hoping they can give you some help here.

on a lighter note, Peanut and dada are twins!! How cute. (:

Jen said...

How long have you felt so foggy? Could it just be a mix of exhaustion (when have you really had a break for more that a few hours?), holiday/winter blues, and missing your hubby?
Try changing your routine with peanut. Try something new, go somewhere different, or start playing upbeat music around the house (peanut will love the music as well).
I hope you figure it out, I know it isn't easy to take care of yourself when you have a little one at home with a hubby on the road.

Carrie said...

This tired is beyond the regular mother-to-an-infant tired I've had. I was able to exercise, do housework, and take Peanut out of the house every day until about two months ago, and now I can't do any of those things. I knew after the trip, where I got as much sleep as I wanted and still felt like this, that there was a big problem. I've never had SADD before, but I'm sure we'll look into it. In the meantime, I am continuing to eat fairly well and take my vitamins, and now I'll just add some more iron. Maybe I am just more sensitive to lower levels than most people.

Anonymous said...

Full-spectrum light bulbs might help, though then you want to make sure you don't use them deep into the night (trust me on this).

I've been beat since Thanksgiving myself. I feel stupid and contagious and completely unentertaining. Plus my ribs hurt again. And I want a cup of coffee that could wake up Dwight Eisenhower, and it's 8:30 at night and he's dead.

C in B