Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Maybe I Have More Free Time Than I Thought

Now that I have a news aggregator for my blogreading, it isn't as much fun anymore. Reading the blogs still is, of course, but I had this ritual of doing the rounds that is now pointless. Of course, it means I am not spending thirty minutes just checking blogs, either. I know it means fewer page hits, and I'm sorry I'll be bringing down your hit count, but it is better for Peanut. And for the dirty dishes in the sink.

Yes, the dishwasher is broken. The repairperson won't be here until THURSDAY, for heaven's sake. What am I supposed to do until then?

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Anonymous said...

Take more pictures of Peanut!!

Or you could follow those really scary links on Making Light to the M*A*S*H slash fanfic sites. I really freaked out Onion John with those. But then, he spent much of college impersonating Hawkeye Pierce.

Paper plates are the dish washer's friend.

C in B