Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More Stalling

I wanted to say Thank You to the people who have come here and offered support. It means a lot. We're doing better here, a little. I'm over my anger at T., and both Peanut and I can breathe through at least one half of our noses. I am still up, though, because the sooner I go to bed the sooner it will be tomorrow. And I don't want tomorrow to come very soon.

I'll try and be funny (again?) in the future. There just isn't much funny going on around here lately. And I need to do a little update on all the progress Peanut has been making. She's amazing.

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J. said...

You're funny. You are. The comment about "breathe through at least one half of our noses" is funny. Of course, you know better than I (at the moment) how that changes on an hourly basis. Maybe the left nostril now, but will be the right nostril later. Why is that, I wonder?