Sunday, February 27, 2005

Overindulgent Mama

Peanut is officially spoiled. I will say that it is mostly T.'s fault, as she is not allowed to fret in his presence for more than a few seconds. It is my fault also, as I often feel that she is going through enough crap that I don't need to make her life any more difficult by, say, making her wait for a full minute while I go to the bathroom before nursing her. And I have no problem with this kind of parenting right now, with these huge uncomfortable casts on her legs (remind me to take a picture and post it--they're bright pink) and all sorts of drugs in her system, she's bound to be a little whiny, and deservedly so. But...

She has decided we are here for her entertainment, and that we are to be on call at all times. She will be lying on a blanket next to me, playing contentedly with the remote control or some such thing, and suddenly begin wailing at the top of her lungs, throwing the toy or valuable electronic item aside. Afraid that it is the muscle spasms that she is being drugged to prevent, I immediately try to console her. She thrashes away, howling, pushing me away from her, tears rolling down her cheeks. I desperately try to distract her with a song, my cell phone, anything. When something I put in front of her catches her interest (more than likely something expensive and fragile), the tears cease immediately, like the flip of a switch. Then I know I've just been played. It is just often enough that it is the muscle spasms that I can't just tell her to chill out. And this new cry sounds very similar to her pain cry, so I can't tell right away what the problem is.

This is new for my child, who was never much of a screamer. She's always been remarkably quiet and laid-back, so this behavior is a complete change. As I said, I think that what she is going through right now entitles her to some special treatment, but Lord, it is going to be a long six weeks if this is the kind of treatment she is expecting. Because after these casts come off, this has got to end. I'd prefer it end tomorrow, but I just don't think I'm up to the task. The last time her casts were cut off, her legs were covered in bruises and sores from moving inside them, and that was when she didn't move much. I don't feel I can risk just letting her cry for a while in the belief that she's just mad about being momentarily bored. Sometimes she is truly in pain and needs her mama. So if she ends up being a bratty toddler, you know why.


Jen said...

Umph, I was reading this, and wondering what my little girl's excuse is!! Just kidding, I am sorry to hear that her casts are hurting Peanut. I hope you guys are doing well. Call me when you have some downtime, you know, sometime after hell freezes over.

elswhere said...

I had to smile when I read this; MG did the same thing, and we fell for it over and over before finally catching on, but we didn't have your excuse.