Monday, February 21, 2005

This Hospital Rocks

...because they have free high-speed internet in the waiting room!

Peanut is an hour and a half into the surgery, and we've given up trying to sleep on the slightly comfortable couches, mostly because there is another woman nearby who is asleep and snoring. We have a pager that is like the kind you get at busy restaurants and bars--like a coaster with lights and vibrations--that will go off when there is an update.

She was very crabby this morning, after having woken up at five. Normally when she does this I just nurse her back to sleep, but we couldn't this morning, so she let us know how unhappy it made her. This being a teaching hospital, we were visited by the surgeon, his resident, his resident's med student, the anesthesiologist, the anesthesiology resident, the O.R. nurse, the pre-op nurse, and the "child life" specialist before the surgery. For those of you not personally acquainted with my delightful daughter, please understand that the sight of my brother, whom she sees about once a week, tends to send her into hysterical tears because she doesn't know him well enough. So this parade of strangers didn't help matters at all. (I know people are concerned about the possibility of having students giving her anesthesia. What happens here is that the attending physician puts her under, and then the resident, who is experienced, monitors her until it is time to bring her out. The attending then comes back in to do that, and during the surgery he monitors two rooms. I'm ok with this).

I was writing a light and funny post in my head much of the morning, but it is now lost to me. I'll try again later.

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