Monday, February 21, 2005

She's Out

She's doing ok. We've had a little trouble controlling her pain, and there are some findings to discuss from the surgery and some changes in her treatment plan that I'll discuss later. But overall she's doing all right. I haven't had a break all day, though, so I'm going to rest now.

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Stacey said...

Big Hugs to all of you Carrie! I'm so glad C is through the surgery and doing well. Ugh, I know what you are going through with all the strangers in C's room. S is the same way with relatives that she sees once a week or so. I can imagine how very hard it is to console her with a bunch of white coats standing around her. :-\ I can't wait to hear everything... I want to know about the findings and changes in treatment. I wish you all a speedy recovery for C and that you guys are home and comforable soon!