Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I went to get some things checked out at the doctor yesterday. I see a nurse-practitioner. I spoke to her about how I'm still very tired compared to most people I know, including other mothers. She asked if I was depressed, and I said I didn't think so, that I didn't feel sad most of the time. She asked me if I felt angry, angry about Peanut's health issues. Of course, I said, I wish this wasn't happening to my child, any child. She said, "that's what depression is, repressed anger".

Repressed anger? Moi? That one made Big Daddy laugh and laugh and laugh. When in God's name have I ever repressed my anger about this? I may or may not be truly depressed, but it ain't because I hold anything back.


Carlos said...

You know, I have been given the same aphorism? What are these people smoking?

On the other hand, anger by itself is kind of tired-making.

TexasMama said...

Oh goodness! I just stumbled on your blog and need to say I love it! Don't hold back.

Oh, and that daughter of yours is georgeous! I's so sorry about her physical problems but I have to say she seems like she is just doing great under the circumstances, and I have no doubt she will continue to do great.

It's also nice to see some fellow liberal bloggers. I'm stuck in the Bush-land of Texas and sometimes it makes me nuts. I'm also a semi-attachment parent turned off by the self-righteousness of a lot of AP groups. I loved your entry on your local group!

Ill keep reading!

Shelly said...

I came across your blog....I can hear you all the way. My son has special needs and has tons of surgery. It was suggested we go to counseling because we hadn't learned to 'accept what is going on with Sean' What the heck?!?!?

Don't ever hold back. I don't. I hope your daughter has a good recovery. Next week Sean will have surgery.