Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Poor Kid

Peanut is one miserable child. I don't think she's in much actual pain, but is she ever unhappy. She will not eat or drink, and hasn't given me a smile since we walked into the hospital. She's pretty zonked on her pain meds, but also very homesick, I think. The problem is that she can't get her IV out and go home until she starts to eat and drink on her own, and I don't think she'll start doing that until she gets her IV out and comes home. Hopefully she'll perk up a bit tomorrow, though I doubt it. Tomorrow is when she gets her cast all trimmed down nicely and covered in pink fiberglass wrap, as well as getting her new carseat and other adapted stuff. As she cries as soon as anyone other than family pokes his or her head in the door, I am not thinking that any of this will make her any happier. You know when your parents told you they would do anything to take the pain away when you got stitches or a cavity filled? It's true. I'd give my right arm for her never to have to go through anything like this again.

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Jen said...

I know this is all VERY hard on both you and Peanut right now, but at least you are not having to put her through these intense surgeries when she is 5-7 yrs old and would have very vivid memories of all of it. I know she does remember some of what is going on, and it does alter her preception of doctors, hospitals, and strangers for awhile, but at least she will not remember the details at her age. Give her lots of hugs for us, and we are still trying to find a way to get up to visit soon to help you out. Our little girl has been asking about your little girl - I think she misses her.