Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sorry, Elsewhere

Anna's moving here tomorrow! Anna's moving here tomorrow!

So me, Anna, and BabySlave will now make up a Madison MommyBlog Posse. Attempt a parenting drive-by at your own risk.


Mouthy Mom said...

I lived in Madison for about two years when I was a toddler, I LOVE that town! My husband (and father) grew up about two hours from there in Port Edwards, right next to Wisconsin Rapids. I'm a cheese-head at heart!

Mouthy Mom

elswhere said...

Hand her over and I'll give you your book meme!

La Lucuma said...

I'm all for organizing the Madison MommyBloggers. There's gotta be more out there like us...and I have to say, I haven't gotten any drive-bys yet in this town. Just a couple of dirty looks when my son has the audacity to cry in public.