Monday, June 13, 2005

We're On-Updated 11:45 am

She's in surgery. Expected to last until 11:00 Central. I believe I am supposed to be comforted by the fact that no fewer than four people asked us when the last time she ate was, did she have any allergies, etc. The weird thing is, they all seemed to write it down in her chart...

Yesterday we took her to the beach. Well, the beach as in the large pile of sand on the lakeshore. The thing about living in Wisconsin is that I am rarely the heaviest person around. In fact, at this beach, I wasn't even close. I could have shown up in a bikini and looked like Paris *Motel 6* in comparison. The funny part was, Big Daddy was the one feeling insecure. Every single man on that beach was in great shape, even the middle-aged guy with the big compensating boat. They all, to a one, had tattoos as well. We ended up sitting next to a couple with a young daughter nicknamed (I hope) "Booger" and a dog they had tied to the bench with an extension cord. Big Daddy walked into the water with Peanut, who was not really a fan. I think it had more to do with all the people and noise and the unfamiliar environment, but she ended up happy enough to play with our sunglasses without complaint. She wilts in the heat just like I do, so I feel no responsibility to take her out there again for quite some time.

Ok, these computers have a suggested time limit, and I've reached it. I'll be on to update again later when I can. I can't call everyone, so please check back here.

9:30 am UPDATE:
The surgeon just called us in the waiting room. While everything is going well, it seems that her hip socket is too shallow to perform the operation as planned. So in addition to the femorol osteotomy, he will be performing a pelvic osteotomy as well. He said this wasn't an uncommon finding, or completely unexpected in her case. I think he went in hoping it wouldn't be necessary. If it isn't done, he's afraid that the bone will just pop out and we'd be back in here again. Nothing to be worried about, just (just! like I'm the one it's happening to or something) more broken bone and a bit longer in the OR.

UPDATE 11:45 am
She's done, the surgeon is coming down to see us, I guess everything is now ok. I won't be back for a while because I'll be with her until tomorrow morning in her room, and I don't know when I"ll get a break.


betsyl said...

much anonymous internet warm fuzzies headed your way from minneapolis. i am hoping things go as well as they can.

Mouthy Mom said...

Hey Carrie, glad everything went well, we'll continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers!

Carlos said...

As always, wubba from Brooklyn.

Jen said...

So very glad that she came out of surgery ok. Sorry to hear about the more in-depth procedure, but I guess it is better to do it right the first time. Hug and kiss her for us.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you through this. Take care, and I hope Peanut stays as comfortable as possible.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you, sweetie. Hope she is okay, and you are okay too. love.

karen/naked ovary

Julia said...

Glad to hear she is okay and all is okay (hope it still is).

Hoping she is resting comfortably...and you too.