Friday, June 24, 2005

Yes, I Called Him Mr. Jackass Prosecutor

Ok, it isn't that I think that what this woman did was all right, but damn, people! Have a little compassion! She's got six kids under the age of four! Several with health problems! And a husband who is a long-haul truck driver! If I lived in that town, I'd be over there right now offering do to her laundry, or cook, or whatever, and I'm really freaking tired at the moment. Think about what led her to this point, for heaven's sake. She needs help, not felony charges. And Mr. Jackass Prosecutor, you know perfectly well you didn't have to file charges. Parenting plan, my ass. I'd like to see you take her place for 24 hours, except it wouldn't be fair to the kids.

This is how I talk, in case you are wondering. In exclamatory sentences. And the accent is closer to Da Superfans than Fargo.

And Anna's here! Yay! I'm going to the farmer's market in the morning with Anna (if I can get my ass out of bed)! I don't know when she'll have computer access (she can borrow mine if she wants to), so those of you who come here after you read her blog because I am a poor, poor substitute know why she isn't posting.

Elsewhere, the book meme is for *all* of us, not just me :-)


Carlos said...

Hey! The accent (when it's there) is about halfway in between, which is about what you'd expect.

And no one in Chicago begins sentences with "Oh,", doncha know.

Carlos -- proud defender of the Skansin accent.

betsyl said...

jeez! what that woman needs is paid childcare, not a parenting plan.