Saturday, October 02, 2004

One More Thing

I happen to know I have some very intelligent women, both with and without children, who stop by here (I'm so lucky!), and they have a lot to say and like to say it. Laura at 11D is looking for just those kinds of women (and men too, actually). She is organzing a blog conference on blogging, work and the family for next week, and is has a tentative schedule up at her site, though she is still taking suggestions for topics. This conference will be looked at by influential women in academia and business, who are interested in hearing about experiences being a woman with children working, wanting to work but not being able to, or not having kids because of work or because you waited too long, for example. Single people and men are also welcome to participate, discussing how family issues affect their work too. I believe they are also going to talk about how the internet has changed mothers' lives as well. It looks to be interesting, so maybe we can jump-start our brains and participate.

This is my second post today. I'm rolling, baby!

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