Friday, October 08, 2004

Sweetness And Light, Damn It

I was awoken this morning by the lights of a police cruiser. The officer was giving a driver a field sobriety test right in front of my house. To the astonishment of everyone, including, I think, the driver, he passed and was allowed to drive away (yes, I watched, you never know what you might see). Since I was now wide awake, I decided to while away the hours by going online, because I have read all my books and fafblog is funnier than anything I have anyway. Unfortunately, I came across photos from the bombings in Egypt that included both a wounded child and a wounded pregnant woman. So, to counter the ugliness and sadness in the world that I just can't bear to think about right now, I am posting this picture of Peanut. Life can be good too. And now I need to go and give her a kiss. Posted by Hello

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