Friday, November 19, 2004

Good Morning, Sunshine!

I got up this morning to go to the bathroom and to let the dog out. The dog sleeps in a room off the bathroom and next to the bedroom because otherwise I would wake up all night to the sounds of ear-scratching and cat-taunting. As I passed her door, I smelled a foul odor that I took for her having a particularly bad case of gas, which is COMPLETELY reasonable thing to do considering this particular dog. When I did open the door, I discovered she'd had gas and then some, all over the carpet. Good dog that she is, she both did it right in front of the door, and never whined to wake me up and let me know it might be happening. Unfortunately for me, the door drags when you open it, and smeared the blobs of crap all over the carpet. The dog had to be coaxed to dance delicately between the blobs and get out of the room.

I closed the door. My clothes are all in there, but I may not dress all day if it means my husband will clean this up.

Sophie on a better day

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