Sunday, November 07, 2004

Why I Should Write For Hollywood

The Dallas movie that was on tonight was not, as I expected, another movie, but in fact a reunion show where the stars got together and exchanged scripted banter while introducing clips from the show in little themes (pool scenes, Sue Ellen drunk, Bobby punching out JR, Sue Ellen drunk, touching Jim Davis moments, Lucy being a ho, Sue Ellen drunk).

I was disappointed. I was hoping that it would be a movie letting us know that JR did not, in fact, shoot himself but instead came to his senses and found God, sold any interest he had in Ewing Oil to Bobby and then joined the board of directors of of a company called Halliburt, eventually becoming the running mate of a blue-blooded New Englander's good ol' boy son and Texas governor who aspired to be President, enriching himself at the taxpayer's expense in the process.

Perhaps no one would believe that.


Anonymous said...

I still want "Sweathogs for Truth Denounce Kotter". (Horshack.)

C in B

Anonymous said...

Hey Bad Mama,

Just thought I'd let you know that there is a film version of Dallas supposedly in the works. The rumor is that John Travolta will be cast as J.R. Ewing!!


Carrie said...

I had not heard that about the movie, though I did hear about Jessica Simpson and Ashton Kutcher starring in a Dukes of Hazzard movie. Don't they understand I don't want to see young pretty people pretending to be Daisy Duke and Bobby Ewing? I want to see Bobby gone to seed, Pamela's face stretched so tight her eyes are on the sides of her head, and JR take flight with his freaky-deaky eyebrows. Maybe I am alone in this.