Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My New Dishwasher

It doesn't mean I'll post more, though. I usually avoid doing dishes for days at a time if I can get away with it. Between the cats, dog, and diaper pail, a few dirty dishes isn't going to make my house smell any worse. But it will be very very nice not to have those piles around anymore.

The stencils came with the house, I swear.

And please welcome metrodad to my bloglist. He cracks me up because he's such a ... guy. My husband does a very good job of hiding his "guyness" around me (I haven't asked him to, but I think former girlfriends scared him into it), so it is fun to read a bit into what he must really be thinking. Though he has no interest in drinking the breast milk. Really.

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Anonymous said...

As a guy, I am not sure what to make of this.

Of course I conceal my inner deve on the blog, but that's only because I share it with nice family people.

And you were right about Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives.

C in B