Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Horror

The Spanish Inquisition didn't need the rack, oh no. All the torturers needed was to put a daub of food on the prisoners' noses, let dry, and then WIPE IT OFF WITH A WARM WASHCLOTH. For really heinous torture, WIPE OFF THE HANDS TOO. How would anyone have survived it?

At least, according to Peanut.


Anonymous said...


Brilliantly put.

I'm still laughing, and I had only three hours of sleep last night.

Write more, Carrie, please.


Jen said...

Brilliant. And they never grow out of that either. Little girl still jerks her head from side to side and pushes out her lips so I can't reach the area between her nose and mouth. She does love to wash her hands now, but only if she does it all by herself, which she demands. She climbs her stool and announces, "I wash hands, MYSELF."

Anna said...

A friend of mine had the same problem with her daughter. To solve it she just gave her the wet washcloth, knowing that she'd bring it to her face eventually, and then when it was up there she'd give a little swipe but let her hang on to it. Helped some. (: