Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today Is Delurking Day

...according to PaperNapkin. As I have finally given in and taken some Ambien (just a little--and it is the first time I've taken it when I'm alone with the baby--I'm really freaking tired of not sleeping), there will be no post until tomorrow, with the surgery update.

So to be fair, you all know a lot about me. Far more about my husband than he probably wants. So what about you? Really, darlings, I would SO love to know who you are, what makes you tick, what lottery you won that gives you all the free time in the world to peruse blogs like mine that are the equivalent of UPN sitcoms in quality entertainment. I have hits on here from all over the world, including those places hit by the tsunami. I've had multiple hits from Israel, Mexico, Slovenia, Singapore, Greece, and Portugal. I have had single hits from Iceland and Syria and the UAE and Slovakia and Hong Kong. From the US, I have Rutherford and Reston, but no states. So in honor of Delurking Day, I say to you:

Tell me all about YOU! I promise I won't stalk you all over the 'net, unless you want me to...

And after I hear about you I'll let you know what is going to be happening to Peanut over the next few months, with the end result being her walking and running.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Delurking day!

You already know all about me, I think-- except that I am procrastinating on the book reviews I have to write tonight by reading blogs...

Hoping all goes well with the surgery.