Thursday, January 13, 2005

You Know, Like The Exorcist?

The reason I am not posting is that Peanut is teething. What's the big deal, you may ask. A little crying and fussing, but certainly not that exhausting. Well, let me tell you what the big deal is. Peanut is not cutting just one or two teeth. Oh no. Not even just three or four, or even five. She is cutting SIX TEETH AT ONCE, PEOPLE. Any minute now I expect her head to start spinning around on her neck.


Jen said...

I feel for her, and for you. At least you are getting it all over at once, instead of her being cranky six different times!! Just a hint - put her baby spoons in the freezer and let them get cold (if they are that plastic type). Then let her chew on them to help get those teeth through her gums. The cold feels good, plus it is something solid for her gums to push against.

Anonymous said...

I have to think that teething is one of the freakiest things in the world that babies experience. "Whoa. What the hell is _this_ now? Man, I wish they gave me a &@%# manual."

C in B