Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't have much to say. I got home tonight at 7:30 after leaving at 8:15 am, and this was the shortest day of the week for me. I'm really freaking tired, and found out that my husband's company has decided some of their employees, i.e. those in my husband's position, don't deserve to participate in the Christmas party this year. These employees are scattered all around the country (there aren't really that many of them), and in past years they flew the employees and spouses into the home city for two days and had a nice big party for them one of those nights. These guys are away from their families for usually 5 days out of every week, and work their asses off while they are gone, but they aren't worth spending the money on now. I was looking forward to this trip, which I only got to do once before, so now I'm really pissed. So I will not get to see Jen (whose husband works for them too and as a couple are some of our best friends), and I will not get to see Andrea, who lives in the company's city, and whose kid I had a present picked out for. Boo.

Okay, I know you really came for the cute Peanut quotes:
She opened the linen closet at my mom's today, looked at all the nicely folded towels and sheets, and said, "We live in a very nice house". This is funny to me because a) she doesn't live there but apparently wishes she did, and b) she would NEVER be able to say it while looking at our linen...pile.

She was able to open this closet, of course, because she could walk up to it in her walker. She mostly walks for candy rewards, but apparently getting into closets and drawers is a mighty powerful motivator too.


Jen said...

I was pretty bummed as well, I was looking forward to a few days vacation with the hubby and getting to see you guys. But actually, we are invited to the party. They just don't plan on paying for our airfare or hotels. Apparently, it is for all the US employees - but of course, the sales reps make enough to pay their own way.

They are blaming it on their responsibility to the shareholders. They should at least send each of the guys a $40 gift certificate to have a nice dinner out.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I should have been more clear, because to me, expecting us to pay our own way there is as good as not inviting us. I can't see using our frequent flyer and hotel points on the company party, and it really irritates me that this happened so soon. Even my cheap company pays for the hotel rooms of the out-of-town employees to come to the company party, and pays their mileage.

Jen said...

Oh, I agree, it IS the same as not inviting us....I was trying to be sarcastic, which is hard in print. As IF I would waste my hotel and flight points to go sit in an uncomfortable evening gown in a huge ballroom eating sub-par buffet food. See, they are just saving us from the misery.

Carrie's Mom (and damn proud of it) said...

Y'know that game, "telephone" where one phrase gets changed after being passed on by several people? That's what's happened here. What Peanut actually said, after asking me to accompany her as she walked herself down the hall,looking first into "her" room then asking to see what was behind the closet door, was (as I closed the door):
"You have a very nice house." Spoken with the tone of a polite vistor (or a Real Estate Agent).
I don't think it was a comment on our linen closet or her desire to live here - the misquote (from her "Poppa") was more likely HIS wish to have her live here! Or you can just remember that he's somewhat listening-challenged and was repeating to Bad Mama what he thought I'd told him!
In any case, it was yet another one of those increasingly frequent moments when I think that moving here and taking care of Peanut is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life (outside of having given birth to Bad Mama and her brother). She's a hoot.

Andrea said...

HOw did I miss this post?

Now I'm bummed, too. Wah! I almost got to meet Carrie!