Friday, November 24, 2006

Sweet Pea

Tonight, Peanut ate a whole bunch of peas. This may not seem like a big deal, I know. However, I will now list all the foods she currently will eat, and you might then understand why I felt this was important enough to post about:

(*Foods she is not usually offered, unless we are eating them in front of her or she is getting a treat for some reason)

Toast, with peanut butter or jam
PB&J sanwiches
Pancakes/waffles/french toast with syrup or sometimes jam
Various breads and rolls
*Ice cream
Soy milk smoothies
*Chocolate pudding
*Goldfish/Teddy Graham crackers
*Chai Tea with lots of milk
*Potato chips
*French fries, but only once in a while
*Chocolate candy
Cheese pizza
Scrambled eggs (but only at Grandma's house, for some reason)

and now, cold peas

No, there is no meat. No pasta. No vegetables of any kind until the peas. The only cheese or tomato is on pizza. We have to be very careful about not feeding her the same thing a couple of times a day, because the healthy options are so limited.

We aren't terribly worried about this. Her doctor isn't either. We give her a multivitamin (mostly) daily, and she's growing and appears healthy and active, so we don't feel it is necessary to push her. We talk about how yummy our food is in front of her and always offer her bites, but she says, "No, thank you" and that's it. She tried a few bites of ravioli when she had a bad cold, but wouldn't again once she got her sense of smell back. I sometimes ask her to try a bite and sometimes she obliges, take one bite tonight of baked potato with a bit of sour cream, swallowing it, and saying no to any more. Really, what else can I ask for?

So every new food is an occasion. And now it's all down for posterity, so when she grows up to be a food critic I can show her this and laugh.


Dana said...

ok seriously your kids has mine beat by a is our list

turkey sandwiches
cheese cubes (sharp cheddar Kraft please)
hot dogs (on a good day)
raw carrots
raw green peppers
bread rolls
french fries
eggs cooked from either McDonalds or in the microwave (apparently regular scrambled doesn't cut it)
bagels with cream cheese

although on the flip side, my grocery bills have been much easier

elizasmom said...

Yeah, our kid's like this, too. It's gotten so we have elaborate justification rituals like: Well, she only ate crackers, but they were organic whole wheat! Or: Ice cream is a diary product! Or, what I almost caught myself saying this morning but didn't because I knew my husband's eyes would roll right out of his head if I did: Hey, pumpkin pie has eggs in it, so it's a protein!

Meredith said...

It is actually nice to know that I am not alone on the finicky toddler front. My son used to eat anything and everything - spinach was the #1 fav but all veggies were game. It is now reduced to:

scramled eggs
mac and cheese
cheese sticks
teddy gahams
turkey slices
ravioli in sweet tomato sauce
cookies/corn chips/pirate booty (sparingly offered)

What type of multivitamin do you use?

Carrie said...

Meredith, we use Sponge Bob Squarepants chewables, cut in half. They have iron, which she otherwise wouldn't get enough of. Nothing special.