Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Today

And leave some time. In my voting station, I was #102 at 7:30 am. In off-year elections, I usually end up going late, and am somewhere around #350. The line this morning was out the door and around the corner.

In WI, you are allowed to register to vote at the polls. New this year, in addition to your proof of address, you need to bring your driver's license or state ID if you have them, and be prepared to offer up the last four digits of your social security number if you don't have either. If you have them but not with you, you can vote provisionally and it will count as long as you call the clerk by four tomorrow to give them your number. You do NOT need your ID if you are already registered at your current address, but I would bring it anyway in case there are problems. There seem to be plenty all over the country. I'd link to a website with the listings of reported broken machines, etc., but it has crashed from the traffic.


julia said...

That's funny, and not in a ha ha kind of way.

I think it sucks that you need an id to vote.

I was voter #97 this morning, at 7:45 and I live in a fairly small town.

Carlos said...

We all know how well IDs work in preventing illegal drinking.

It's a voter suppression tactic, where legitimate but low-risk concerns have been used to disenfranchise people who might not have a driver's license or a state ID readily available: the poor, the elderly, and people who have recently moved to the state.

Mel said...

At 8am at my polling place, I was already voter #220. In years past, I'd only be about #75ish. I was thrilled to see the large turnout (almost 60% in my town!) and more than happy to wait in line for the very first time ever. A big round of applause to democracy!

Sarah said...

Wow! It is much harder to register and vote in California. Both my fiance and my brother did not get to vote, due to the problems with getting an absentee ballot last minute (fiance) and forgetting to re-register at a new address in the same town (brother).

Sephiroth said...

Personally, I think that requiring ID to vote is not a bad idea, especially if there are provisions to provide ID to those who would not be able to get one otherwise.

However, I had not thought about carlos' point of how easy it would be to make a fake ID which would really defeat the purpose of requiring ID.