Monday, November 13, 2006

Really, She Won't Even Touch Chicken

Seriously, someone needs to tell me that just because my kid tells me one minute that she looooves her new stuffed hippopotamus and it's her favorite toy ever, and then the next minute she tells me that she's going to "put Gia in the oven and cook her and eat her", doesn't mean she's going to grow up to become a sociopath. Somebody else's kids did weird things like this and grew up to be pediatricians or kindergarten teachers, right? Right?

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Michelle said...

Well, my daughter isn't much older than Peanut so I'm not sure yet about the long term effects. We're vegetarian and she went through a thing of singing "I Don't Eat Animals" by Melanie AT people in the grocery store if they were looking at meat. Then at home we'd be served her toys as soup or tea. At least our cat hasn't been a menu item. Yet.