Sunday, November 19, 2006

Really, You Can Skip This If You Want

The only interesting thing that happened to me today (and I mean "interesting" as in "somewhat different than the same mind-numbing shit that happens every single day of my life), is that I took down the curtains in the dining room that came with the house to wash them. For the first time. Shut up, there have been more pressing things to wash-- I have a bazillion cats, after all. Anyway, Big Daddy and I took them down and then realized that, damn, we actually have pretty windows under there, perhaps we should not put them back up. So we won't. However, that means we still need to buy some new blinds, as the ones we have are all water stained from when the house was being re-roofed (it was 84 years old and still had the original roof under a couple of layers). We had a series of storms that began the day after they ripped everything off, storms that were record-breaking, and the tarp on the roof came up and the interior of the house got drenched. If you don't already own a home, seriously, don't buy one. If you think I'm joking, one of my next posts will include the list of things wrong with this house, including the fact that one of the walls of my bathroom doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.

I also got some of this china. I put it on the credit card, because it was waaaay cheaper than that website would lead you to believe, and we are having 14 people over for Thanksgiving and I don't own that many plates. It's very pretty and it made me very happy.

I don't know why I am subjecting you to this post, as I already washed out of NaBloPoMo over a week ago. I think it is the perverse idea that somehow it will still count if I do the thirty posts even if they aren't every day. But I still have to do it every day. I think this is supposed to be helping me discipline myself as a writer or something. Perhaps that isn't necessarily good for the world.


julia said...

Oh man, I can relate. We bought a house 8 months ago and I regret it on a daily basis. Next time I move, I'm buying an apartment. With a super. Or a live-in handy-man. Ugh.

Dana said...

Mikasa huh?
to drive me insane!!!!????

I don't need new china....I don't need new china...I don't need new china...
That's huh?...